Colliers Settling-In Services


Our Visa specialists will handle the entire Working and Dependent Visa application/extension process. We will guide you through all the necessary procedures at the Immigration Office.


Settling into a new location can be challenging. Our tailor made orientation tours will provide you with information and advice on residential areas, cultural differences, shopping, transportations, domestic help, banking services, medical and dental information, entertainment and nightlife, clubs and associations.  An orientation guide is provided to each expatriate, covering each subject.

International Schooling support: 

The Hong Kong education system is dedicated to serve both local and international students.

The school year in Hong Kong begins in the fall and ends in the early summer. Major holidays include Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas.

Most Non-Chinese speaking children attend an international private school which offers a multitude of curriculums including Preschool/ Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary education. The majority of schools (except the English Schools Foundation) require the purchase of debentures.

At Colliers, we offer a dedicated school placement service tailored to your individual family members’ needs. We assist you with school applications and follow up with admissions officers.

Starting Age Guide & Grade Equivalents in Hong Kong International Schooling




AIS / US Grade

HK Grade

UK Grade & IB Level

3 Pre-School Elementary School Early Childhood 1 Kindergarten 1 (K1)  
4     Early Childhood 2 Kindergarten 2 (K2) Reception
5     Grade 1 Junior Kindergarten 3 (K3) Year 1
6 Primary Education   Grade 1 Primary 1 Year 2
7     Grade 2 Primary 2 Year 3
8     Grade 3 Primary 3 Year 4
9     Grade 4 Primary 4 Year 5
10     Grade 5 Primary 5 Year 6
11   Middle School Grade 6 Primary 6 Year 7
12 Secondary Education   Grade 7 Form 1 Year 8
13     Grade 8 Form 2 Year 9
14   High School Grade 9 Form 3 Year 10
15     Grade 10 Form 4 Year 11
16     Grade 11 Form 5 Year 12
17     Grade 12 Form 6 Year 13

Note: Students seeking enrolment at AIS from Early Childhood 1 to Grade 1 are placed according to their age on or before 31 December.  For example, students applying to Early Childhood 1 for 2017-2018 should be born between 1 Jan 2014 and 31 Dec 2014.

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